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Liquid Guard Spray - 1 Year Virus Protection

Signo Nano-Care's Liquid Guard Spray is designed to give you a One Year Surface Protection against SARS CoV-2 (Current Pandemic Virus) in your home, office, workplace or any other commercial environment. SARS CoV-2 is the virus that once you catch it, then becomes the Virus thats putting so many people in hospital. We can't mention the name of it here, or Google will not show this website

All this from just one simple surface treatment.

But this spray coating protects you against so much more than just the current pandemic Virus, it guards against a whole list of other microbes too.

Right now its all about preventing the spread of the Virus and this world beating product really helps do that very effectively on all hard surfaces and fabrics.

We received notification that it was certified in late December 2020 against SARS CoV-2 (Current Virus affecting the UK).

Simply treat the surface with the "Pre Cleaner" and then with the "Liquid Guard Spray" and after a curing time of 6 hours, your surfaces are fully protected for a whole year.

When the Virus lands on the treated surface, it will be eliminated by the spray coating.

We offer the sprays in 3 sizes - Small Flat Size (4 sq metres) - Medium House Size (8 sq metres) - Commercial Premises / Office / Factory Size (100 sq metres) and this one treatment lasts a whole 365 days before it needs to be re-coated.

Easy to apply and helps give your household / staff / office / factory / care home / retail or literally any environment its used in, the confidence to use the facilities without worry of surface transmission of the Virus.

The product can also be used outside too, so surfaces such as door handles, letter boxes, garage doors handles and even machinery can be coated.

The coating is not affected by additional cleaning you do and can't be washed away if used outside.

Unsure of what to buy ? Check out our product video or simply contact us on 01527 522 522 or e mail us on and we will happily advise you.