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Cheadle Flexi Fix Accessories

Flexi-Fix is a "quiet revolution" in terms of bathroom fittings and replacing them.

Picture this, you want to renew your bathroom fittings, but the holes drilled when you remove the old fitting are never going to match the holes required on your new ones. A real problem until now !

Flexi-Fix has a "Universal Back Plate"! that can accommodate whatever holes have been drilled and this then allows you to fit new fittings using the existing holes, without getting out the trusty electric drill. Perfect and really easy !

Flexi-Fix is so flexible that you can in some cases even glue the fixing plate to the wall instead of using the screw holes, it's really unique and easy to do.

We have all the styles and products you need and they are guaranteed to be easy to fit and that's a promise.

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