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Spa Bath Lighting

How about a little Jacuzzi Spa Lighting in your bath this weekend ?

Byretech's "Easy Fit" LED Underwater bath lighting kits turn your standard bath into sensory overload of up to seven beautiful LED colour combinations.

Coming as 3 componemts that just plug into the smart controller, you can set the colour you desire and relax in peace whilst in the bathtub by just pushing a button.

Chromotherapy is a fast eveolving subject, but the basis of this is that lights can help you relax and in water it produces the most amazing sensation.

Fitting is simplicity itself and if you want to know more, just call our Chromotherapy expert Steve on 01527 522 522 or e mail us at

Please note that we don't offer a fitting service for this product as its very easy for the DIY enthusiast to fit.