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MagiPlug for Baths

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MagiPlug for Baths

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MagiPlug For Baths is a really useful and simple way of preventing your bath from overflowing.

It's Bath Plug with a difference, as it contains a pressure sensitive spring which knows when the water rises above 15 Inches ( 38cm ) and simply opens to let the water out.

Tested and proven to work by Edinburgh University in extensive 21 days of continuous testing, the MagiPlug passed with flying colours and really does do what it says on the tin !

It also has a temperature sensor built into the dome which alerts you to the bath water being too hot ( i.e. above 36 Degrees C ) and is a visual indication as the plugs inner changes from Dark Green to Light Green.

Very helpful to prevent scalding and this is why it is used all over the country in care homes and also hospital environments.

This plug is a low cost way of preventing water overflowing from your bath and ruining your ceilings floors and items below.

The common scenario we hear on a daily basis is someone left the bath running and the phone / computer / TV distracted me and I forgot the bath was running. Too late - your house has been damaged by water and it could have been avoided so easily with a MagiPlug.

Fits baths with plug hole diameter of 44mm to 50mm.

Replaces your normal Bath Plug without and DIY at all, just swap it over.

Requires no power - just operates by water pressure alone.

Available for bathroom hand basins & kitchen sinks also.

- White Plug with Dark Green Inner which changes colour when water temperature rises above 37C
- Plug allows water to a depth of 15" or 38cm and over that height it releases and allows water to drain away
- Prevents overflows
- No maintenance required
- No power required as it works off sensing water pressure.
- Just replaces your normal Bath Plug
- Fits baths with plug hole diameter of 44mm to 50mm.
- Ideal for people who forget they left the bath running
- Used in may care homes and hospitals throughout the UK
- Made from impact resistant ABS plastic and can withstand 80 Degrees Celsius water temperature
- May not be suitable for some baths with "POP UP" Wastes - Magiplug can't fully locate
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