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Bath Seal Ultra 10

Bath Seals are essential to prevent water leaks, seal in your Bath to a tiled wall and keep away black mould.

The Byretech BathSeal Ultra 10 seals in your bath with ease and there are now in excess of 25,000 in use in the UK.

Easy to fit and coming as a complete kit, the Bath Seal Ultra 10 is guaranteed to keep the mould away for 10 years. To show how easy they are to fit, we have made a step by step video to help you understand the process. The bath seals can be retro fitted and are made of solid plastic, so unlike the hollow under tile seals, they don't trap water in and go black and mouldy.

The Byretech Bath Seals are gloss white and are easily cut to size. We profile one end to make fitting extremely simple and everything you need including the forever white silicone sealant is supplied.

Homeowners, Hoteliers, Guest houses and even Formula 1 Teams use our Seals. They work a treat and look great too, plus some of the UK's best hotels specify our seals as standard.

Unsure of what to buy ? No problems, just give us a call on 01527 522 522 and our Bath Seal Experts will be able to guide you.