Here at Byretech we like to help people find solutions to problems they have in their bathrooms.

So we came up with a really cool "How To" section to show you how to fit, replace or enhance stuff in the most important room in the house.

If you have an idea for a video, why not contact us to see if we can make it in HD just for you !

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Byretech Shower Curtain Rail Installation

Want to know how to fit one of Byretech's Uber Cool Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rails ? Look no further ! Just click and see how it's done by Shower Rail Guru Steve the "Top Designer" himself ! From straight to curved and from oval to round, we have a rail to compliment your bathroom right now at Byretech.

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How To Measure A Shower Curtain By Byretech

Unsure of how to measure up for a new shower curtain ? No problems at all ! Just take a look at this easy to understand "how to" video on measuring up for a replacement curtain. If you already have a correct size curtain, just measure that and it's done. We have many styles and even a range of Heavy Duty curtains that are used in all the top hotels !

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Byretech DripGuard Bath Overflow Protector

Water flowing over the side of a bath is a constant issue for homeowners and hoteliers alike and we have the answer !
Dripguard stops this from happening and it's really easy to fit.
Take a look at our video where Steve shows you the product in action.

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Byretech Clip Seals - The "Push On" Replacement Seal For Your Shower Screen

Replacing a seal on a shower screen is easy ! You need to know three things to be able to get the right Byretech replacement ClipSeal for your over bath screen to prevent water leaks.

How To Change Shower Hose and Head By Byretech Ltd

We do try very hard to bring you the best and widest possible selection of quality replacement Shower Heads and Hoses available on-line today. Plus to make it easy for you, it's possible to search by what type of heating system you have just to narrow the choice a little.

Croydex Flexi-Fix How To Fit From Byretech

Flexi-Fix has a "Universal Back Plate" that can accommodate whatever holes have been drilled and this then allows you to fit new fittings using the existing holes, without getting out the trusty electric drill. Perfect and really easy ! Flexi-Fix is so flexible that you can in some cases even glue the fixing plate to the wall instead of using the screw holes, it's totally unique and easy to do.

Bathroom Accessories

How To Install A Coram Bath Screen - Installation Video From Byretech

Bath Screens are an alternative to Shower Curtain Rails and we have a wide range from Coram available online. Made in the UK by Coram, their fixed and folding bath screens are absolutely superb in terms of quality and ease of use.

Bath Screens

How To Extend A Shower Hose by Byretech

At Byretech we are pretty customer driven and we have been asked on a number of occasions for long shower hoses in excess of 2.0m

So we made a "Shower Hose Extender " for this very problem.

Shower Hose Extender

Cramer Acryl Star - Stain & Scratch Removal Polish From Byretech

The German manufactured Acryl-Star Scratch Removal Cream is suitable for removing scratches on baths, sinks, shower trays. Its very easy to use and comes in a squeezable tube with full instructions on it's use.

Buy - Acryl Star Scratch Removal Cream

Cramer Enamel Ceramic Scratch & Chip Repair Kit From Byretech

The Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit is designed for repairing impact damage and flaking on ceramic, enamel, and acrylic surfaces such as baths sinks and hand basins.

Enamel Scratch Chip Repair Kit

Byretech Shower Guard - Keeps Glass Free From Streaks & Limescale

If you are in a hard water area or are constantly cleaning your Shower Door / Screen because of streaks on the glass, then this product is definitely for you. It works to keep lime scale away to once you have showered, just wash the glass down with warm clean water from your shower hose and leave to dry. You get a 100% streak free enclosure with very little cleaning required.

Usefu Cleaning Products

Coram Premier Shower Enclosure Installation From Byretech

Manufactured in Shropshire, Coram's extensive range covers, Pivot Doors, Bifold Doors, Sliding Doors and even minimalist Glass Panel systems. They also offer White and Silver shower enclosures with various glass finished too. Designed and built in Britain, Coram Shower Enclosures are the fastest to be delivered and easiest to fit, which is why they are the choice of more professional installers than any other.

Corams Premier Enclosure Range

Coram Optima Quadrant Step by Step Install Guide From Byretech

Coram's Optima Quadrant Door is superbly well made and moves with almost no effort in it's robust and well engineered UK made frame. Incredibly simple to fit and super strong when installed, this is in our opinion the best door for the money on the market.

Optima Quadrant Enclosure

Coram Riser Shower Tray Installation From Byretech

Manufactured in Shropshire, Coram's extensive range covers Alcove Shower Trays, Oblong Shower Trays, Corner Shower Trays and Quadrant Shower trays all with tough Coratech back filling technology, to keep them super sturdy when you stand in them.

Shower Trays