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Shower Floor Seal

Seals for Wet Room Floors are required when water gets to places in the Wet Room where it clearly shouldn't be.

Now available in either "Translucent" or "Crisp White" colours.

Byretech's Shower Floor Seal is a great way of keeping the water in the area you need it to be and can be ordered in different lengths to suit your application. The kits come with the award winning 10 Year Mould warranty Forever Clear Silicone Sealant, which is used to adhere it to the wet room floor.

But how does it work ?

Sometimes the fall on the tiles / shower room floor is found not to clear the water away as fast as it should. This new "easy to fit" seal solves this common problem and creates a 10mm high, 20mm wide barrier to hold in the water long enough for it to flow down into the waste and out of the wetroom.

It's like having a mini perimeter around your Wet Room floor ! Plus because it's made of silicone, it won't hurt your feet if you tread on it.

We offer this in "Crisp White" or a "Translucent" coloured product with a hint of blue mixed in, so its visible on the floor. Plus it contains a fungicide to prevent it going black and mouldy.

The Byretech Shower Floor Seal is also wheelchair friendly as you can go straight over it without problems.

Got a question about our Shower Floor Seal ? No problems, call Steve our Wet Room expert on 01527 522 522 for further help and advice.