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Premier Tri-Fold Door - Obsolete

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Premier Tri-Fold Door - Obsolete

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Obsolete Product

Coram's Premier Tri-Fold Door is superbly well made and moves with almost no effort in it's robust and well engineered UK made frame.

Incredibly simple to fit and super strong when installed, this is in our opinion the best door for the money on the market.

When you buy one of Coram's products you get the peace of mind to know that because it's British made in sunny Shropshire, you can get spares long into the future, unlike the imported lower cost units around on the internet.

When you revamp your bathroom you want at least 20 years out of the time and effort you put in to it.

But why buy a UK made Coram enclosure ?

Well there are much cheaper shiny shower enclosures out there on the web these days, but if you want something built to last with spare parts capability, the choice is really simple - Coram.

Every day here at Byretech, we take calls from people who purchased a low cost enclosure from one of the DIY sheds or the internet and they are looking for non existent spare parts to keep their enclosure working.

Inevitably they are disappointed and after just a short time their enclosure is obsolete and unable to be repaired. For a little more money, they could have had something that would have lasted 5 to 10 times longer. Sometimes buying cheap isn't the best idea and with shower enclosures this is definitely the case.

Coram's lifetime watertight guarantee and the fact that you can get replacement seals, handles, door rollers and glass, make buying one of these enclosures a really safe bet. That's Coram !

Got a question, just call our experts on Tel: 01527 522 522 and we will be only too happy to advise you.

- 4mm Toughened safety glass
- Ultra easy installation with install guide included
- Polished Silver Frame
- Height of Door 1900mm
- Height with Riser Tray 2085mm
- Height with Slimline Tray 1960mm
- Magnetic Door Seals
- Smooth and silent door hinges / runners
- Made in the UK
- Spares available long into the future ( if ever needed )
- 100% - Compatible with Coram Slimline and Regular Riser Trays
- 10 Year guarantee if used alone
- Lifetime Guarantee if used in conjunction with Coram's Shower Trays

- Door Opening (1200mm) - 977mm

- Width adjustment in alcove (1168mm - 1218mm on 1200mm door)

- Width adjustment with side panel (1173mm - 1223mm on 1200mm door)

- Premier Tri-fold Door, Polished Silver 1200mm - PTF12CUC

Mainland UK - 10.00
Highlands & Islands - 10.00
Southern Ireland - 10.00
Europe - 10.00
Rest Of The World - 10.00

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